My May Favorites

May was a pretty slow month for us. It seems like the month itself went by quickly, but we didn’t do too much. We mainly spent our time obsorbing as much Disney Magic as we could before our blackout dates kicked in. So I really don’t have a ton of new discoveries for the month. That being said, I did come up with a few things that I really enjoyed and wanted to share them with you.

Old Key West Resort- Walt Disney World

We had the opportunity to stay at the Old Key West Resort  (OKW) at the beginning f the month to celebrate Nadia’s 7th birthday. If you’ve never heard if the OKW, it’s Disney World’s first DVC (Disney Vacation Club) resort and it is one of the most beautifully laid out properties I’ve seen for a resort. The property itself is absolutely huge and is very spread out but luckily there are conveniently located bus stops that you can ride to get to different parts of the resort as well as take you to the parks.

We stayed in a one bedroom villa that was located towards the back of the property. We were on the second floor of our building and had an amazing view of a little preserve area from balcony.

The villa was the perfect size for the seven of us to sleep. The bed was very comfortable and we loved having the ability to make all of our meals (we even made a birthday cake) right in our room. Overall I’d say that it was probably one of, if not the, best hotel room I’ve ever had. I’d highly recommend spending the extra money and staying in a villa if you’re planning on taking a family or larger group to Disney. It’s totally worth it.

Made a family bed

We’ve thrown around the idea of a family bed for a while but we finally took the plunge and made one big family bed. We put together two queen size beds making one giant bed perfect for all of us to hang out in. It’s going to be the perfect place for all to lounge and have family movie night.

Started early morning workouts

I’ve always been kind of hesitant to commit to waking up early and workout but in May, I gave it a shot and I am so happy I did. I’ve been waking up at 4:15 every morning and heading to the gym for my 5am workouts. I’ve found that my workouts just feel way more productive, and I have way more energy to burn throughout my day. So this has probably been the best thing for me this whole month.

New Face Primer- Maybelline Master Prime by Facestudio Blur and pore Minimize

I ended up having to buy a new face primer this month, after a certain three year old boy ( we shall not name names… Nolan) decided it would be a great idea to squeeze all of my other one out on the counter to paint with. Well this turned out to be a good thing in the end because I ended up trying the Maybelline Master Prime. I’ve really enjoyed this primer so far. I’ve never had a bad problem with my pores looking large but I can see a bit of a blurring and pore minimizing effect when I use this. Plus I really enjoy how nicely my makeup lays on top of it.





Discovered the joy of short – C9 Champion Mid-Rise 4′ boy shorts

I live in Florida, and it’s hot. Not like “oh it’s hot” more like ” HOLY CRAP IT’S HOT!” kind of hot. So wearing leggings aren’t always the best option when going to the gym where you’re going to get all hot and sweaty and then have to walk through extreme heat and humidity to get to the car. So I finally broke down and bought a pair of the C9 Champion shorts. Now I wear shorts all of the time, some of them are pretty dang short, but these are probably the shortest, most form fitting shorts I’ve ever owned. That being said they are probably the most comfortable shorts I’ve ever owned. The are made out of a super soft and stretchy material which makes them perfect for working out in. They aren’t overly thick or hot. Overall, they are just awesome shorts to wear. Plus they make your butt look good. So, they are pretty much the perfect shorts. It did take me a minute to get past my self-consciousnesses of wearing such form fitting short shorts but once I was past that, I was fine.

New setting Spray

Again, thanks to certain toddlers in my house, I needed a new setting spray this month as well. I ended up nabbing the Malani Make It Last Setting Spray. Overall, it’s a nice setting spray. It smells great, feels nice and refreshing, and makes my makeup melt into my skin perfectly. I have no complaints about. If I had to pick one thing I like most about it, I would say that I love the smell.

Found my favorite dress

When we went on our Disney World Vacation to celebrate Nadia’s birthday, the first day was also Dapper Day at Epcot, so I had to get a special dress for the occasion and I think I make have found my all time favorite dress. I went as a Minnie Mouse bound for Dapper Day in a red 50’s inspired dress with white polka dots all over. I absolutely love the fit of this dress! It has a pretty form fitting top with an A line skirt that hits just below the knee.

I bought her from a local store called Subculture Corsets and Clothing here in Jacksonville. They have tons of amazing vintage and goth inspired clothing and accessories. So if you’re in the Jacksonville area, or passing through, I highly recommend checking them out. They also have a website, but the selection on that is a little more limited. Check them out on Instagram to see some of the other amazing items.


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