Christmas Gift ideas for women

One of the hardest things we have to do each year for the holidays is buying gifts for each other. Now, I don’t know about you, but I always get so stressed out when I think about giving gifts. There’s so much pressure to make the gift perfect or to make sure that you’re not cheeping out and giving someone a gift that is less than what that person may have given you. I start to feel like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory most of the time.


Luckily, buying gifts for women is a little easier than some may think. There are tons of options out there and honestly, women just want things that will make their daily lives a little easier. As long as you aren’t buying her a broom or a mop on Christmas, you’ll probably be okay.

But if you’re still feeling stumped on what to get the women in your life, I’m here to help you. I’ve got some ideas that will hopefully make your shopping a bit easier.

What to get the girl who has everything?


You can never go wrong with candles. I personally love getting candles of all different shapes and scents and getting ones from Yankee Candle Company or Bath and Body Works is always a special treat.

Spa Day

Sometimes all a girl needs is a day at the spa. Book a day of pampering for her and let her go enjoy the peace and quiet for a few hours. Facials, massages, mani/pedi treatments are all welcome gifts.

Gift Baskets

Make your own gift basket and include things you think she may like. New coffee cups, coffees or teas, a nice water bottle, a blanket, warm socks, wine, books, bath bombs, nail polish, essential oils and defusers are all good ways to fill a gift basket.

Gift Cards

Don’t fear the gift card. If you want to treat your wife or girlfriend to luxury make up or spa treatments or you know she has a wallet crippling coffee addiction… give her a gift card. It’s like treating her to a shopping spree and you can turn it into a fun or romantic outing for both of you.

Subscription Services

Subscription boxes can be a fun gift that keeps on giving. Normally they are not very expensive and she will receive something new and special either monthly or seasonally and you can pick a subscription service based on her interests. They’ve got boxes for pretty much everything now from food to books to makeup and lifestyle.


Jewelry is pretty much the old reliable of gift giving. Nice watches, rings, necklaces, can all make really special gifts.

Experience gifts

Gifting an experience can be really amazing. Art or baking classes, trips, or something the two of you can share together.


I LOVE stationary! Journals and books that I can keep my eight billion thoughts in are always a hit with me. A really nice journal or notebook and a nice set of pens will always be appreciated.

Fuel her creativity

If you’ve got a creative girl in your life, look at getting gifts that relate to that. Nice paints, canvas, good pens or pencils, classes can all make for a fun gift that will help her to grow her mind.

Customized gifts

Customized gifts will always be something that she will appreciate. If she has been breastfeeding for a while, maybe look into getting customized breastfeeding jewelry for her. A nice print of a special picture that’s been framed for her to hang in the house. A watch with the latitude and longitude of a special location on it. There are a ton of ways that you can have a gift created that no one else will be able to get her.


I hope this will help you to find the perfect gift for the woman in your life. Let me know in the comment section below, what one of the best ( or worst) gifts you’ve ever received was and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button.