100 things to do as a family during social distancing

For many of us in the United States, we are moving into the our third week of social distancing/quarantine. This has been a pretty hard time for a lot of people but it’s been especially hard for our kids. Many of them are used to spending hours upon hours outside, or going to school, or simply being able to get out and go places. Now that we are pretty much on lock down and being told that we should minimize contact with people outside of our immediate families, it’s leaving us stuck at home trying to find ways to entertain the kids.

For many of us, the first few days weren’t bad. They may have even seemed fun, but now that we are 14 or more days into this, you may be finding yourself going a bit stir crazy.

100 things to do during social distancing with the family

I get it. I know I sure as hell am getting a bit sick of being stuck at the house but as a stay at home mom, I’ve learned a few things about being home and how to manage this cabin fever. So I’ve got a few ideas for ways to help keep you and the kiddos from reaching peak insanity from being stuck at the house full time.

100 activities to do during social distancing

  1. Take a walk
  2. Go for a bike ride
  3. Play with chalk on the sidewalk
  4. Set up a pool and go swimming
  5. Fly kites
  6. Play backyard soccer
  7. Play football
  8. go rollerskating
  9. Skateboard
  10. Do art projects
  11. Learn a new skill
  12. Decorate your windows to make others smile
  13. Read
  14. Color
  15. Build a puzzle
  16. Bake
  17. Play with legos
  18. Write a story
  19. Write a play
  20. Dance
  21. Play music
  22. Build a fort
  23. Build a tree house
  24. Make jewelry
  25. Do spin art
  26. Play card games
  27. Make Harry Potter Wands
  28. Play board games
  29. Build a backyard garden100 things to do during social distancing
  30. Make a volcano
  31. Play in the sprinkler
  32. Learn to do magic tricks
  33. Grow Crystals
  34. Make slime
  35. Do an activity book
  36. Do word searches
  37. Have a water balloon fight
  38. Learn to yo-yo or to do new yo-yo tricks
  39. Build a snap circuit board
  40. Do school work
  41. Paint
  42. Do house work
  43. Play hide and seek
  44. Play tag
  45. Make bubbles
  46. Watch your favorite movies
  47. Design and play your own game
  48. Play hide in plain sight
  49. Go on a car ride
  50. Play video games
  51. Do a science experiment
  52. Study a subject you are interested in and make a project about it
  53. Paint rocks
  54. Build paper airplanes
  55. Learn origami
  56. Play hopscotch
  57. Go stargazing or track the stars
  58. Build a nature collage
  59. Build a bat box
  60. Learn to sew face masks for healthcare workers
  61. Start a journal
  62. Make a movie
  63. Have a pillow fight
  64. Build a Rube Goldberg Machine
  65. Build a puppet theater and do perform puppet shows
  66.  Repaint or remodel rooms in the house
  67. Build a model car or airplane
  68. Take a typing courses
  69. Make your own soap
  70. Wash the car
  71. Walk the dog
  72. Facetime family and friends
  73. deep clean the house
  74. Make homemade ice cream
  75. Make cards for friends
  76. Tie dye shirts
  77. Make melted crayon art in the sun
  78. make shadow drawings
  79. Make a stop motion video
  80. Make a TikTok video with the older kids
  81. Create a comic book
  82. Play backyard Frisbee golf
  83. Make an obstacle course in the house
  84. Bake and decorate a cake
  85. Make dinners from around the world
  86. Try new workout videos on Youtube
  87. Start a scrapbook
  88. Take pictures
  89. Make flip books
  90. Learn to draw new things
  91. Have an indoor treasure hunt
  92. Do a google maps treasure hunt
  93. Create and solve a mystery
  94. Have a tea party
  95. Have a cup stacking competition
  96. crochet
  97. knit
  98. make costumes
  99. build a house of cards
  100. Have an outdoors game day- Play ring toss, corn hole, cricket, giant Jenga, ladder toss


I hope this gives you some ideas for activities to do while the kids are stuck at home during quarantine. I know it’s a stressful time for everyone but having things to do when the kids (and you) start to go a bit stir crazy will help to make this time not so unbearable.

What is something your family is doing during social distancing? Let me know in the comments down below and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button for more family fun ideas.


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