My Favorite Holiday Scents and Where to Find Them

The Holidays are quickly approaching and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to have the house all decorated with beautiful lights, the tree trimmed, and those stockings hug by our non-existent fireplace with care. One of my favorite things about the holidays is when my house is filled with those warm spicy scents of the the season. If my house doesn’t smell like the inside of a Kirkland’s Store by November 1.. something has gone terribly terribly wrong.

So I wanted to share with you some of my favorite holiday home scents and where you can find them at, so that your house can smell as warm and delightful as mine.

Cinnamon brooms

Ahhh the cinnamon broom. Loved by many and hated by some. I’ll admit, when you walk through the doors of your local grocery store and you’re smacked in the face by the smell of 85 cinnamon brooms clumped into a single basket, the smell can be slightly overpowering. But honestly, I love these things. I normally buy 2-3 of them a season and hang them up throughout my house. Not only do they look festive, they hold their smell for a long time. And they normally aren’t very expensive either. So you can literally fill your entire house with the smell of cinnamon for months for under $10. Can’t beat that

Cinnamon broom

I normally buy these beauties at Publix, but I believe most grocery stores carry them starting in October.


I love plugins. They smell so good and you have the ability to change the smell of each room you put them in and you can adjust the intensity of the smell on most of the warmers . It’s also nice knowing that there aren’t any exposed flames or oils for little ones to get into while you are using them. My favorite plugins are the Airwick apple cinnamon and the Glad Cashmere Woods. They have that perfect warm smell without being too much. Most of the time I buy these at Target but you can purchase them at pretty much any big box store.

Room Sprays

I like to try and match my room sprays to my plugins and use these for a little extra boost of smell when I have visitors or to spray down a bed if someone happened to have a little bit of an accident. They are also great to keep in the bathrooms to help keep them smelling fresh and clean. For the holidays, I normally stick with the Glade apple cinnamon or the Glad Cashmere Woods room spray. They are inexpensive at only $.99 per bottle and fill the room with a beautiful fragrance that lasts for a while. These you can find pretty much get anywhere as well but I like to buy them at Target and Walmart.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE candles. If I could, I would cover my entire house in candles. There is just something so calming and romantic about that little flickering flame from a beautiful smelling candle. My absolute favorite candles are from the Yankee Candle Company but these can get pretty expensive so I like to save buying these for the holidays. Honey Clementine, Macintosh, and Autumn Wreath are my favorite holiday scents from Yankee Candle. Normally I have to go to the Yankee Candle store at the mall to find these but I’ve found them popping up at Walmart recently.

Yankee Candle Autumn Wreath

I also really enjoy the Glade candles. Apple Cinnamon is probably my all time favorite candle from Glade.

Wax Warmers

I’ve recently discovered wax warmers and have really been enjoying them. I got an inexpensive warmer from Walmart and have been loving the Better Homes and Gardens wax melts. They actually have a pretty wide range and they are super inexpensive. The Better Homes and Gardens Fall into Autumn wax melt is my absolute favorite and can be found at any Walmart.

I hope this guide helps you to fill your home with the scents of the holidays and helps you to get into the holiday spirit. For more holiday and large family fun, make sure to hit that subscribe button.