Getting Healthy as a Large Family Mom: Week 4 update

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January is finally over! Did you feel like it dragged on forever too? I swear I didn’t think that month was ever going to end. But it’s done and it’s now time for me to get serious about this whole getting healthy business.

Saying goodbye to January week 4 updates

Admittedly I did not work as hard in January as I should have. I had a lot of things happen at the beginning of the month that really just threw a monkey wrench into my plans and it’s taken me a minute to get on track. Luckily though, that is all behind me now and I can officially get started.

From this point forward, you’ll be getting a more in depth look at how things have gone for me on my weekly updates. We’re going to be looking at everything. I’ll have a quick recap of my workouts, what I ate, a look at the numbers, and anything extra I may have done to make the coming weeks successful. This includes mental breaks and hobbies too. I may also throw in a recipe or two.

Getting healthy as a stay at home mom


The numbers

So let’s start this off right by taking a look at the numbers.

Monday weight- 229 ( gained a pound after a very bad weekend of eating and drinking)


Hips- 53 3/4″

left thigh- 28″

right thigh- 27 1/2″

left calf- 15 1/2″

right calf- 15 1/4″

neck- 13 1/2″

left upper arm- 18″

right upper arm- 18″

left forearm- 10 1/2″

right forearm- 10″

left wrist- 6″

right wrist- 6″

chest- 42 1/2″

stomach- 49 1/2″

There they are… all of my measurements in their not so beautiful glory. I really do not like these numbers at all. So this month I’m going to work hard on starting to get them to change. I’m going to focus on starting tone and build muscle, not so much on weight loss but weight loss should happen just by working out and moving more. I’m going to stick to my three to four day a week workout plan starting off. Doing weights and cardio at least Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I may start posting some of these on my Instagram page, so make sure you are following me over there so you can actually see some of what I am doing.

I’m also going to really get serious about my diet this month. I’ve had a terrible diet for years and I have not done anything to help get my Celiac’s disease under control at all. Well that stops now. Bye bye pasta, bread, cakes, and all of those amazing things I love so much. I know I can use a lot of the gluten-free options to replace the normal version of these things but honestly, I’m going to try to just keep them out of my diet all together. I may use gluten-free wraps but breads and pastas are out. Not only will it be better for my system but it’ll also be better for that waistline of mine.

A look at week 4

So let’s look back at that last week of January, now that our plan for February has been established. I finished off January pretty strong. I managed to get myself completely prepared for the start of the new month. I got my journal, my bullet journal, and my planer all set up. I also managed to get all of my homeschool lessons planned out and ready to go for the start of the month. I love being able to go into a new week and especially a new month prepared. It helps to keep my stress levels down which leads to less anxiety and panic attacks. So I wanted to make sure to be prepared for the month ahead of time.


I continued to workout Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but only managed to go out on two walks this week. Overall it seemed like a pretty productive week, fitness wise. I spent 30 minutes or so on my workout days running through the exercises below.

Getting fit as a busy mom

Monday- Upper body

  1. standing overhead press (5 lbs)- 3 sets of 10
  2. dumbbell chest press (5 lbs)- 3 sets of 10
  3. Arnold presses (5 lbs)- 3 sets of 10
  4. single arm upright row (5 lbs)- 3 sets of 10 each side
  5. alternating dumbbell front to side raises (5 lbs)- 3 sets of 10
  6. lying triceps extension (5 lbs)- 3 sets of 10
  7. bicep curls (5 lbs)- 3 sets of 10
  8. kickbacks (5 lbs)- 3 sets of 10
  9. concentration curls (5 lbs)- 3 sets of 10
  10. 1 arm triceps extension behind the opposite ear (5 lbs)- 3 sets of 10 each side
  11. follow all of it up by stretching arms, back, and neck.

Wednesday- core and abs

  1. kettle bell swings 10 lbs kettle bell- 3 sets of 10
  2. plank- 30 seconds (pushing myself on these)
  3. standing oblique crunches- 3 sets of 10
  4. heel touches- 3 sets of 10
  5. leg raises- 3 sets of 10
  6. leg raise twists- 3 sets of 10
  7. Laying Side crunches- 3 sets of 10
  8. spider crunches into cross-body oblique crunch 3 set of 10 each side

Friday- lower body

I did these using 5 lbs dumbbells and a kettle bell.

  1. tempo rdl- 3 sets of 10 (tempo- 3 seconds down, 1 second up)
  2. sumo squats into rdl- 3 set of 10
  3. forward lunges- 3 set of 10
  4. glute bridges- 3 sets of 10 with 10 pound kettle bell
  5. lying side leg raises- 3 sets of 10

I rounded all of this out with my two walks this week.

Getting healthy as a busy mom



So my diet was ok starting out the week but by the end of the week it went to complete shit. I started out by not having any soda (go me!!!!) and a very limited sweet intake. But the week ended with pizza at the in laws house which included beer and bourbon Friday night, Saturday I went to the Jason Aldean concert with friends and had a burger, fries, beer, and soda, and then Sunday was the Super Bowl. So sushi, pizza, cookies, beer, soda… you know all of the bad stuff. So unfortunately things did not end on a good note but with that being said, I am feeling better and I am more prepared to kick things off this next week right.

Hopefully February will be a much better month than January was. I keep the concept of rare and appropriate for this month. I’m eliminating gluten, I’m cutting out sweets and sodas, and I’m saying goodbye to all of my favorite pastas and breads. I’m going to stay organized, keep productivity up, and hopefully get into a good workout and walking routine.

Let me know how your January ended and if you have any big plans for February. And make sure to hit that subscribe button so you can join me on my journey to a healthier lifestyle.


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