Finding the Silver lining in Isolation

As I am writing this, I am moving into week five of isolation due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. I’m not going to lie, this hasn’t been easy, even for this introverted, stay at home, homeschooling mom, who is used to being home all of the time. I may enjoy being home but nothing stirs up that rebellious teenage angsty side of me (yes it still lurks below this 32 year old exterior) more than someone telling me I HAVE to stay inside.

Call me a control freak. Call me rebellious. I just don’t like being told to do what I’ve already been doing for the greater majority of my life.


In all seriousness though, being locked up for 5 weeks really has taken it’s toll on more than just my waistline. I’ve found that my mental health has also suffered quite a bit during all of this. My depression and anxiety have been way up the last few weeks and I know I’m not the only one who has been feeling like this. That’s why when I saw that UK bloggers had started a series of blogs to show the bright side of this quarantine life, I had to jump on the opportunity to join in and bring it to the states.

This is actually a super simple concept. Just write a blog post about your “Isolation Silver Linings” and then tag a few of your favorite bloggers to do the same. I’m so thankful to have been tagged by Steve Lucas over at so that I can join in on the fun.

My isolation silver lining

Finding a silver lining when you’re in isolation may not be the easiest thing for a lot of people to do. There’s a lot of bad going on right now and not everyone is as lucky as I have been during this time. But It’s important to allow yourself to appreciate those good times when you have them. Even if it’s something small like enjoying a video game or being able to sit and read a new book for the first time in ages.


I think my silver lining is the amount of quality family time that I’ve been able to spend with the kids and my husband. Even though I’m a stay at home mom and I homeschool full time, there are days where I feel like I haven’t been able to sit and have an actual conversation with anyone let alone my husband when he gets home from work. My days are packed full of running to play dates, teaching lessons, cleaning the house, making meals and snacks, and keeping people entertained. It’s a lot and when you times that by 5 people… I feel like I never stop.

Add in the fact that my husband tends to work very unconventional hours and you can imagine how little quality time I really get to spend with him. We have days where we sit on the sofa and watch a movie with the kids but typically those days are spent with him nodding off to sleep or talking about things we need to get done on our next weekend off.

Looking back on before isolation was mandated, I’m amazed at just how quality little time we really did spend as a family. We would spend our weekends either at the theme parks or working at the house and even though we were together as a family, the time we spent together wasn’t really quality time.

With the safer at home mandates being in place and my husband working from home full time right now, we actually have a chance to talk. It’s great! He get’s up and starts his day like normal but he’s able to take breaks throughout the day and spend time with us. He can stop and play video games with the kids or the two of us can have a moment to vent and decompress or just spend time to be together. It’s great and it’s allowed us to reconnect on a more personal level.

Isolation silver lining

Both my husband and I have taken strides to make our days slow down a bit so we can both spend more time with the kids as well. I’ve reworked our schedules and taken off some of the school work that we were doing so that we could make more time to spend together as a family. We are playing board games and video games together. Sitting and building puzzles together and doing art projects… together.

I feel like this is helping us be less stressed as well. I’m anxious over the uncertainty of the things that are happening but I feel like we have way more control over our personal lives right now as a family and as husband and wife. Even though we aren’t spending a ton of time outside of the house or going out to dinners or things, I feel like we are actually bonding more and taking better care of each other than we ever have.

I’m honestly really thankful for this chance to sort of slow down and reconnect a bit. I hate that it took a pandemic to make us stop and take more time out of our day for each other but hey… if something this terrible had to happen, at least something good came from it for our family.

This time isn’t easy for anyone, so now more than ever, I think it’s really important to stop and take a second to reflect on the things we are thankful for. So let me know in the comment section below what your isolation silver lining is!

I want to continue to spread the joy, so I am nominating Allee over at The Magnolia Mountains and Nalaemton Selvara to share their Isolation Silver Lining stories as well. So don’t forget to head over to their pages and check them out as well.


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