Experience Gift Ideas For All Ages

As I mentioned in my post about non-toy gift ideas, I really like to try to give non-toy gifts as much as possible. Some of my favorite non-toy gifts to give are experiences. I love being able to give someone a gift that allows them to get out of their house and do something that maybe they wouldn’t normally do for themselves and even better than that, experience gifts can be good for people of all ages! I can remember how excited I was as a kid when I would get tickets for me and a friend to go see a movie or hit up the water park. Or when my husband got me a day at a local spa for my birthday where I spent the day being pampered with saunas, facials, and massages. Honestly, I remember those more than just about any other gift I ever received. Making memories and doing things is just more fun than getting yet another toy in my book

What is an experience gift?

If you didn’t already gather what exactly an experience gift is, I’ll tell you. Basically, it’s using your money to buy someone and experience  or the ability to go out and do something that they love or that they wouldn’t normally do for themselves, rather than buying them stuff. This should be something that will enhance their life, bring them joy, or  provide some form of comfort or ease to them.

What are the best experience gifts?

Below I’ve got over 50 experience gift that would be good for people of all ages and budgets. An experience gift doesn’t have to be something crazy expensive or big, it can be something as simple as a trip to a candy factory or spending the day having tea parties. Think of it like adding something to or pulling something from someone’s bucket list.

Experience Gift Ideas.png



  1. Cooking classes
  2. Art lessons
  3. Music lessons
  4. Karate lessons
  5. Gymnastics classes
  6. Dance classes
  7. Writing classes
  8. Fitness classes
  9. Foreign language classes
  10. Pottery classes
  11. Painting with a twist classes
  12. Theater classes
  13. Horseback riding lessons
  14. Archery classes

You can also get subscriptions to online classes

  1. Lynda
  2. Skillshare
  3. Craftsy

Vacations and Trips

  1. Flights
  2. Airbnb experiences- If you know someone will be traveling soon on vacation, you can gift them with Airbnb gift cards to allow them to stay either for free or cheaper than the full stay for their vacations.
  3. Vacations packages- Gifting a vacation for the family is always a fun gift. Even if you aren’t able to gift the full vacation, maybe look into gifting an upgrade to their already planned vacation like dining packages or photopass options
  4. Night at a local hotel with a pool- There are always great deals through hotel websites and groupon for single night stays at nice hotel with cool water parks attached that can make for a great weekend trip.
  5. Camping equipment/ camping trip

Annual Passes

  1. Zoo passes
  2. Museum passes
  3. Theme park passes
  4. Aquarium passes

Practical Gifts and Memberships

  1. Services- You can find great deals on Groupon for services such as laundry, cleaning, custom framing, printing, schooling and reading, dog walking, or even house sitting for busy families or people on a tight budget.
  2. Store Memberships- People love places like Costco, Sams, Bjs, and Amazon prime. I mean, who wouldn’t love being able to go buy a 15 lb bag of chocolate chips? These make great gifts for families and business owners.
  3. Online services and apps- Streaming services such as Hulu, Disney+, Netflix, and Spotify are great gifts for the entire family to use. You can also purchase services like kindle unlimited and audible.
  4. Family photo shoot
  5. Subscription boxes

Fun Experiences

  1. Dinner 
  2. Bowling 
  3. Movie passes
  4. Water park tickets
  5. Aquarium passes
  6. Tickets to a sporting event
  7. Ice skating
  8. Skiing
  9. Afternoon tea
  10. Concert tickets
  11. Game Basket- Take a large basket and fill it with board games for the whole family, snacks, and drinks for a fun family game night.
  12. Escape room
  13. Helicopter ride
  14. Factory tours
  15. Trampoline Jump Zone passes
  16. Rock wall climbing passes
  17. Indoor Skydiving
  18. Trip to a candy Factory


Spa Experiences

  1. Manicure
  2. Pedicure
  3. Massage
  4. Hair cut and color
  5. Makeup
  6. spa day

There are a ton of other experience options out there that would make great gifts for the holidays or birthdays. What would you add?

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