The Oh Shit car kit

Let’s face it, there are going to be mornings where shit happens and you’re half way through the drop off line at school. For these emergency situations, I highly recommend having your “Oh S.H.I.T.” (S.H.I.T. – Situational Handy Items Traveler) kit in the car to keep you from having to run back to the house and make everyone late for the day. Now, I’m not talking about your typical car emergency kit here. I’m talking about an emergency kit for when shit hits the fan. This may seem weird, but trust me, at some point you will need to use it and you’ll be very thankful you have it. 

Has someone just yelled out from the backseat “Mom, I just spilled … on my…”? Maybe someone tells you as you pull in to drop the kids off “I forgot my lunch”. Or maybe it’s an “Oh No!!! I need…” situation. Try to have it covered in you car kit to help save your morning destroying, gas draining, tardy slip inducing trip back to the house to fix the emergency. 

What to keep in your kit

I try to think of anything that could possibly go wrong in the morning and be prepared for it in my kit. Now, I know, you may not be able to think of EVERYTHING because kids can have some weird shit happen to them, but as situations arise, that you may not have prepared for before… add it to the kit as well to save yourself from the events happening again. 

Make sure that you restock whatever you use, so it’s ready for the next time. God knows, I’ve been known to use something in an emergency and forget to restock it. Then when I need it again, I’m up shit creek without a paddle. So, I guess what I’m saying here, is don’t be me. Restock the kit!


It’s inevitable, at some point one of the kids is going to forget their lunch or maybe they forget to tell you that field trip money is due today. For these kinds of events, I recommend keeping $30 in $1’s in an envelope in your kit. Plus it’s great for the $1 menu when you get a sudden urge or are stress eating from the kids fighting all morning. 


If your family is anything like mine, someone, at some point, is going to have some kind of accident. Either a pen leaks, or they spill a drink, or they actually have an accident. Be prepared and have a change of clothes stashed in your kit for each child. Underwear, socks, and something to wear. I like to keep a dress for the girls and some shorts with a t-shirt for the boys. Keep it simple and easy to change into. 

Empty ziplock

This can have many uses! Kid feels sick? Whip it out and let them barf in the nag. Kid had an accident? Let them throw the soiled clothing into the bag. Something leak in the lunchbox? Toss it in the bag. I love keeping an empty gallon ziplock or two on hand at all times.


Baby wipes are pretty much the universal cleaning tool for all parents. It can be used on pretty much all surfaces without fear of causing damage. Plus it works great at keeping my cars dash and steering wheel looking AMAZING! So keep a to-go pack of these in the kit to help clean up little spills and mess that may arise. 


If you have a baby or toddler, chances are that you may have to change a diaper here and there. Chances are even better that this may have to happen while you’re out if you have to sit in the pick up line after school… those things are the devil! So be prepared and have one or two diapers with you. 

A pen

Kids like to surprise us with those field trip slips and things to sign. Have a pen handy to sign the papers in the car when they pull them up. 

Hair care

SO picture this… you’ve got two screaming kids, one is refusing to put on their clothes. Another has to finish their homework.. and the baby just had a blow out. So you rush out of the house, once everyone is ready, only to realize halfway to school that no one has brushed their hair. I know I’ve run out of the house several times forgetting to brush or style the kids hair. Having a hairbrush, hair ties, and hair gel on hand makes doing a quick in car hairstyle much easier. It may not look like a Instagram baby hairstyle… but at least they don’t look like a rats made a nest in their dome fluff. 

**On a side-note: Make sure not to leave hairspray in the car during the Summer. The cans can explode if they get too hot… I may or may not have learned this one the hard way…Let’s just say the baby wipes came in handy. 

Personal care items

Travel toothbrushes, mouthwash, deodorant are all kept inside the kit in case someone forgot to take care of business before heading out. No dumpster kids are leaving my car and heading into a public place. 

Emergency things

Triple antibiotic, bandages, alcohol wipes, wet wipes, bug spray, sunscreen, tweezers, a little light. Because lord knows, in that 20 feet between the front door and the car, something is bound to happen. 

A backpack

You’ve got all this crap that you have to put in your vehicle… how the hell do you do it without it going everywhere? I’ve found that the easiest thing to keep all of this in, is a backpack. It’s big enough to keep everything I need for 7 people yet small enough and portable enough to just throw in the back of the car or take in places as needed. 

These kits are pretty easy to assemble and easy to keep in even the smallest of cars. The things that you keep in there should be non perishable (Obviously) and should not be aerosol based (again… these will explode and scare the sh** out of you when you least expect it) because they can become dangerous if left in these ridiculously hot cars in the summer. Hopefully having this ready will keep you from having to waste another morning traveling back and forth to the house during non-emergency, emergencies. 

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