My first quarter check in

2020 has turned out to be one of the weirdest years I (along with many of you) have ever experienced. January felt like it took 7 years to end, February flew by, March brought us a pandemic and well April… April has just sucked the life out of me. This certainly was not the 2020 I had originally envisioned when I wrote my Goals for 2020.  

That being said, I feel like now is the perfect time to take a quick look back at those goals I set for myself for the year and see how things have been going.

2020 Goals (4)

My 2020 Goals

  1. Read more
  2. Get into school
  3. Drink more water
  4. Grow the G&G family
  5. Get in a better daily routine
  6. De-clutter and simplify the house
  7. Move
  8. Get under 200 by December
  9. Improve eating habits
  10. Cut sodas


I’m going to be honest… This whole Coronavirus mess has really thrown off a lot of my plans. The desire to move and start back to school have been put on hold until, not only the infection rate begins to go down but also the market stabilizes. Now unfortunately is just not a good time to look at buying a house. My original desire was to be in a new house by October of this year. But sadly I really don’t see that happening at all this year. The good thing is that we have been working hard on remodeling the house.

We’ve begun the process of picking out paint colors, have cleaned out a lot of the junk we had just sitting around, and have developed plans for the remodeling process to keep us on track as we move ahead. So, even though we may not be able to put the house up for sale and buy a new one as quickly as we planned, we’re going to use this time to work on really getting the house picture perfect and making it as “sellable” as we possibly can for when future opportunities open up.

paint colors


As for school, considering college campuses are closed at the moment, I just don’t see being able to sign up at this point. That being said, the kids and I have begun taking Spanish courses online which have been a great refresher for me. I’ve also started several online courses to help with my current career path. Even though I may not be getting a “formal” education, I am still educating myself and narrowing down avenues I’d like to take once I am finally able to sign up for school again.

My health and fitness journey was really derailed at the end of February when I ended up becoming very sick. It took me almost two weeks to recover from just the physical effects of the illness and even longer to regain normal energy levels. To top it off, that’s when social distancing  and safer at home measures were put into place and we were essentially put into quarantine in my area. It’s led to a bit of anxiety and depression and I ended up just not taking care of myself the way that I really should have been.

I’m still drinking sodas, unfortunately more now than before and my eating habits really have not been the best. I have managed to drink more water though and I’ve recently started ordering fresh fruits and veggies from a local farm to table delivery company in my area so I’m slowly starting to improve my eating habits again.

local fare

I’ve started working out again as well. So hopefully with the change in eating and getting back into working out at home, I can get back into this health thing.

Along with everything else that’s been going on, I’ve been working hard on getting into a better daily routine. With the husband starting to work from home almost two months ago, our daily routine and schedule got a little wonky around the house. We’ve been able to get that back on track though and have really started to form a schedule that works for me and my entire family… the husbands work schedule and phone calls and all. Getting on a better schedule has opened up the ability to start reading more and joining those online classes I talked about previously. It’s also allowed me more time to work on Growing the Goldfish and Gin experience, as well as being able to start a new side project.

2020 Goals (2)

Let’s end this on a good note, shall we? Even though 2020 may not be going exactly the way I had hoped it would, I have been seeing some awesome growth with Goldfish & Gin. I’m amazed by how many people have actually subscribed to this little page of ours and I want thank each and every one of you. I hope to see continued growth for the community as time goes on.

How are you doing with your 2020 goals so far? Let me know in the comment section below.

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32 thoughts on “My first quarter check in

  1. It’s hard and can be very annoying when your plans aren’t going well.
    I know what you’re felling,but we should try seeing the best out of this situation. You’re doing a great job already and when everything is back to normal,you’ll be at the top of your game again.
    Nice post…..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like things are going pretty well for you considering the circumstances. Congratulations on the blog growth!


  3. Goal setting is about accountability. What a great idea to write them down and then revisiting them every quarter. Daily or weekly might be too short a time for a revisit. Quarterly works just fine. I am going to do the same thing starting May 1. 👍🤗


  4. I set goals for 2020 too. Some I have been working toward. We are not sure if we will get to buy a house this year too. And I NEED TO DRIBK MORE WATER! That one I am definitely failing at!


  5. This year is showing its weirdest colors, I completely agree with you. However, I too am trying to keep positive and strife towards my goal. 🙂


  6. Oh — don’t be so tough on yourself. You’ve got goals and they are written down, and you are trying to be accountable by sharing with the world. Sending you good vibes that you check them off as the year progresses!


  7. I’m still getting a hang on making a new routine as the quarantine was just recently. I have a routine that I’ve been doing for years (most of them were done outside). I guess sometimes I lack motivation but as much as possible I try to accomplish most of them in a day. Definitely cut soda, I’ve stopped my soda intake for a decade now (I only drink fruit juices and lemon water) and I feel lighter compared to when I regularly drink it. Plus, sugary beverages and sodas contribute to diabetes risk. So it’s a win. Good luck! You got this!


  8. I think we have to be kinder to ourselves, don’t worry about non-achieved goals, because this past quarter (as well as this one) isn’t normal, a lot of stress, pain, and uncertainty are floating around and it’s not easy to cope.


  9. Even though you couldn’t get some of the goals to accomplish in this first quarter, it is great that you got some things done! It is great that you and your kids are learning Spanish. I need to relearn!


  10. I love how you share your goals for the year and then follow up on them. That’s so important to do to hold yourself accountable. Keep at it – you’ll get there. I think the pandemic has derailed many of us from achieving any goals related to food, drink, and exercise. I know I need a new routine. I am going back on my keto diet Monday.


  11. I feel you, dear. A lot of goals were may be delayed but as the saying goes, “Everyhting happens for a reason.” So, while 2020 happenings affected my plans and everything, another door opens up. Actually, this is one of the results. I got back to blogging! HAHA I can say, that is a good thing 🙂 stay safe!


  12. I am glad to have found G&G and joined along the journey. I think the majority of the folks in the United States did not expect 2020 to be what it is now. Even though we are going through this pandemic you are doing an awesome job continuing and focusing on you goals for the year. I did away with soda for a few years and started to drink them again a few months ago. I’ve limited my consumption since. Try juices (preferably fresh) or an alternative healthy drink that is slightly sweetened when you want a soda. Maybe that will help with you goal. Wishing you all the best as you prepare your house for the market in the future as well as getting into school!


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