Homeschooling During Social Distancing-Isolation Schooling Is Not Normal Homeschool

Since the start of all of this Covid_19 business there’s been a ton of joking about homeschooling and how everyone is going to get to see how homeschooling works while we are all in quarantine.

Admittedly, I’ve been posting memes and joking just as much as the next person. It’s funny and lighthearted and it helps to lighten the mood a bit in a pretty scary time. Plus for some of us, a good dark joke or self-deprecating humor just works as a fantastic means of dealing with the stress and madness of what’s currently going on.

I want to let you know though, this isolation schooling that’s going on right now is not indicative of what normal homeschooling is like.

isolation schooling is not homeschooling

There has always been a big question about homeschool children’s ability to socialize and if being homeschooled actually hinders a child’s social skills and personal development and I worry that this skewed trail period of schooling from home may fuel those concerns even more.

So, let’s put this all to rest right here… right now.

What people are doing right now is not “normal” for  homeschool families. This is isolation homeschooling. Kids aren’t allowed to be out at parks or hiking trails or beaches. We can’t go to zoos or museums or aquariums. Play dates are canceled and our kids are being forced to remain in doors for the most part when many of them are used to spending hours upon hours outside in the fresh air. We are having to stay home and isolate ourselves to help prevent the spread of a virus and yes… it’s driving the normally homeschool kids just as crazy as the brick and mortar schoolers.

I can’t speak for all homeschool families but I know for mine, we tend to spend our days out of the house. Traveling to parks, play dates, and stores. We spend our afternoons at beaches and traveling around the city. We learn through getting out and experiencing the world and the things within it. Being stuck in the house and not being able to freely go to the beach or the park is driving us all a little batty. Even with the copious amounts of craft and art supplies we have had stocked up since Christmas, we are still at a loss for things to do to occupy our time wisely. And let’s face it, there are only so many hours you can spend playing video games before you get sick of sitting there.

homeschooling is different than isolation schooling

Our kids are missing their friends and their play dates and being able to be out of the house. We are missing our normal routines and our favorite park with the amazingly fast slide.

Even learning for us has changed, just as it has for everyone else. Instead of being able to go for nature walks and scavenger hunts or being able to go to the library to find new books to read, we are having to find our resources online, order new materials, or find new apps that interest us.

So please, during this time of social distancing and isolation, please do not worry about this being the normal life of a homeschool family. This is not the norm for us homeschool families and we are finding the isolation just as hard as you.

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22 thoughts on “Homeschooling During Social Distancing-Isolation Schooling Is Not Normal Homeschool

    1. Oh no! Don’t feel like that. This mess is hard and for people who weren’t expecting to ever have to do this, it’s even harder. All you can do is try your best. Your kids will learn no matter what. Just do what you can and know that it doesn’t all have to be done at once. Take breaks, play, read when things get too stressful. But know that no matter what… you’re doing an amazing job!


  1. I wouldn’t think that it’s anything like regular homeschooling. I think it’s a trial and error, mish mosh of attempted learning at this point for isolated schooling. Luckily my kids are a little older and pretty responsible, so their schooling is done mostly on Google Classroom. I always figured regular homeschooling was more hands on and fun! Not like what we’ve all been thrown into right now!

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    1. It is much much different. Hopefully everyone will be able to get back to normal soon. I’m glad your kids are having an easier time with the new school routine. Google classrooms is an amazing resource. We actually use it for scheduling for my kids and keeping track of what they are doing.


  2. I never knew what was the difference between homeschooling and isolation schooling. But it has been a difficult time for kids, teachers, and parents alike during this rough month.

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  3. Not every parent can be a teacher. Isolated Online learning is good only for motivated students. Young children needs to be supervised. But this is war time. Hopefully it is only temporary and shall soon pass.

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