Goals for 2020

It’s here guys! We have made it into, not just a new year, but a whole new decade. 2020 is here and I’m ready to rock this new year like never before. I’m actually really inspired to make this year something amazing but in order to do that, I need to set some goals and work to make those goals happen.

One of my favorite ways to set goals is to look back on the goals I set the previous year, see what I accomplished, what could use some work, and what didn’t go as planned and then expand off of those ideas. If you read my 2019 Year in review, you can get caught up on how the year played out. I think my two biggest disappointments were reading more and getting back into school. So this year, I’m making those two things a priority.

My goals for 2020

  1. Read more- Just like last year, I want to work on making more time for the things that I enjoy. One of my favorite things to do is to read, so I want to make it a point to take time everyday to read. Even if it’s just for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Get into school- Unfortunately, last year, I wasn’t able to get into school. I honestly just didn’t even try because I was so overwhelming busy but this year I’m going to work hard to get into a local college and finish my degree. I don’t care if it’s taking just one class a semester, I just want to get started.
  3. Drink enough water- This is something that seems so easy but if you’re anything like me ( a camel) it can be easy to forget that you haven’t had anything to drink today. So, in order to promote a healthier lifestyle and to keep myself energized and feeling good, I want to make sure that I am really watching my water intake and getting enough to drink throughout the day.
  4. Grow the G&G community- I have been so inspired over the last few months seeing the growth and interaction I’ve had with the Goldfish and Gin community and I want to work hard this year to grow it even more.
  5. Get into a better daily routine- I’ve gotten into some pretty bad sleeping habits which are causing me to be off my game lately. So I want to work hard to develop a better daily routine. Wake up early again, Set a schedule and keep to it, and just get into an overall better routine again.
  6. De-clutter and simplify the house- I don’t know how it’s happened (yes I do… I have 5 kids) but I’ve managed to accumulate a lot of shit. This year I want to clean everything out. Get rid of those things that aren’t needed or used and just create a more simplistic lifestyle. This will help maintain a better daily routine as well, when I’m not having to constantly clean things or pick up the tons of crap that just gets scattered around.
  7. Move- This is a big goal to accomplish, but I hope to be able to move by the end of the year. With five kids, a dog that’s over 150 pounds, and then myself and my husband… our little 1,600 square foot starter home is starting to feel a bit snug. We love it here, but we have outgrown the space we have and are in need of something bigger. So we’ve been casually looking but we have a move by date and we are keeping out fingers crossed we can reach it.
  8. Get under 200 by December 31st, 2020- Weight loss is not an easy task for me. It’s never been an easy thing for me to accomplish but I want to work hard to drop about 30 pounds this year and get myself under 200 by the end of the year.
  9. Improve eating habits- One of the things that will help me to lose some of that weight, will be to improve my eating habits. I am one of those weird people that has Celiac’s Disease, yet doesn’t listen to my body and still eats all the bread and pasta.  So I want to make it a point this year to really avoid gluten as much as possible to help improve my health and to help me feel better. On top of that I want to cut out a lot of sweets and just start eating better. I don’t eat terribly as it is but there are improvements I need to make and things I need to cut out or avoid.
  10. Cut sodas- My biggest vice is coke. I don’t have an addictive personality at all but I can say, without a doubt, that I am addicted to sodas. I want to work hard to cut these out of my diet again because I know they are not good for me and I really shouldn’t be drinking them.

This year I really want to focus on improving myself and getting into a more comfortable and happier state of mind along with improving my overall health.

What are some of your goals or resolutions for 2020? Let me know in the comment section below. Make sure to hit that subscribe button, too. Let’s grow the Goldfish and Gin community together.


-Happy New Year



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Goldfish and Gin

I'm a perfectly imperfect large family mom with a love for family, fashion, beauty and supporter of breastfeeding and body positivity.

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