Why we decided to get a fake tree and why I may not go back

In the real vs. fake tree debate, I have always fallen into the “I will only ever own a real tree” side of things. I NEVER wanted a fake tree and I swore I would never get one. There was just something special about going to the Christmas tree lot every year and picking out the perfect tree to take home with us. Then, once it’s set up, the way it fills the entire house with that beautiful pine smell… I mean what could be better? It just wouldn’t be Christmas without it.

Well last year I may have turned to the dark side. After being on one of my favorite Facebook pages and seeing people going absolutely nuts over this $80 flocked tree at Walmart… I went out and bought the stupid flocked tree. And honestly I’m in love.

It may not smell like Christmas but the tree itself is absolutely beautiful. It’s very full and once all of the branches have been fully fluffed out it looks great. It’s pre-lit too so I don’t even have to worry about adding lights to it if I don’t want to. Although, who am I kidding? Of Course I’m adding more lights to it.

Not having to worry about adding any water to it is another great advantage to fake trees. There’s no concerns about it drying out or dying. Plus, I don’t have to worry about any of the kids or animals playing in the fermented tree water.

Like I said, I always loved real trees but I hated the needles that would fall from the tree as it began to die. With my pretty little fake tree… I don’t have to worry about sweeping up pine needles multiple times a day or stepping on the sharp little bastards ones they have dried out. What could be better than a tree with no fallout?

I love being able to put my tree up way way WAY earlier than I ever could have with a real tree. I had my pretty little tree unboxed and set up November 1st this year. So I’ve been able to enjoy it for a lot longer than if I would have bought a real tree.

Then there is the fact that I paid $80 for this tree and it’s lasted two years with no foreseeable end in sight. I was spending close to $200 a year on a new real tree. So it really is an economical option.

Needless to say, I’ve very much enjoyed my step into the world of fake Christmas trees and I really don’t see me ever going back. I can always buy wreathes from the tree farms if I really want that real tree smell but ultimately this little tree is a win win all the way around.

You can check out my pretty little tree here so you can pick one up for yourself. Make sure to hit that subscribe button for more Christmas and family fun.

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Goldfish and Gin

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