Holiday Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

A fun winter activity my kids love to do are scavenger hunts. They are a great way to get the kids to work together and it’s just a lot of fun seeing them all get so excited when they find one of the items on the list. So to expand the hunt outside of the house and make it a bit more exciting we have added doing neighborhood scavenger hunts as part of our winter bucket list.

The concept is the same as doing a regular scavenger hunt. You have a list of items that you have to set out and hunt for. Mark off each item as you find it or (if you’re like us) take a picture of it and create a picture collage. The only difference is that this scavenger hunt is done on a larger scale. We really like to take these along as we go look at Christmas lights or as we are out driving around in different parts of town.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Scavenger Hunt.png





If you would like to download a copy of one of these Christmas Neighborhood Scavenger Hunts for yourself, just click on the link under the picture! For more fun holiday ideas make sure to check out my Winter Bucket list and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button before you head out.

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