25 Days of Family Christmas Movies

One of my favorite things to do during the month of December and part of our Winter Bucket List (you can check out our bucket list here ) is to curl up on the sofa, under a warm blanket, and sip hot chocolate while I watch cheesy holiday movies with the family. We try to watch a different movie every night of December (although we will watch Elf like 800 times before the end of the year) to help us get more into the holiday spirit.  We love watching all of the recent Box Office hit as well as the beloved classics and some nights we will do a theme night to make it even more special for the kids.

25 days of Christmas movies

So I wanted to share my holiday line up with you guys so you could see what Christmas movies we will be watching.

25 days of Christmas movies

  1. Elf (Elf theme night)
  2. Home Alone
  3. Santa Claus is coming to town
  4. The Santa Clause
  5. Noel
  6. Frosty the Snowman
  7. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  8. Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus
  9. The Grinch (Grinch night)
  10. Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas
  11. Christmas with the Kranks
  12. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  13. Gremlins
  14. I’ll be home for Christmas
  15. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
  16. White Christmas
  17. Jack Frost (1979 stop motion)
  18. Polar Express (hot coco and cookies in honor of the Polar Express)
  19. Disney’s A Christmas Carol
  20. Frosty’s Winter Wonderland
  21. The Muppet’s A Christmas Carol
  22. Jack Frost (1998 Michael Keaton)
  23. Prancer
  24. Miracle on 34th street
  25.  A Christmas Story

These movies can be found over a number of different platforms. Disney+, Amazon prime, Netflix, as well as Freeform during their 25 days of Christmas countdown. I hope that you enjoy watching these movies along with us!

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