2019 Winter Bucket List for the Family

Just because it’s winter time, doesn’t mean you have to sit around with nothing to do. In fact, winter time around our house is one of the busiest times of year. The temperatures have finally cooled down to a bearable temperature so we find ourselves out of the house enjoying the wonderful weather more often. I know for a lot of you, you get the fun of snow and snow days (with the occasional blizzard thrown into the mix) so winter time can be even more fun.


One of the ways we’ve been able to optimize our winter season is to create a Winter Bucket List. This allows us to see everything that we want to do over the cooler months (most of which is before Christmas)  so we get the most out of our Winter. Plus it’s become a fun tradition for everyone to participate in.

There are a couple of things you want to keep in mind, though, when making a really good bucket list for the family.

My first tip for making a great bucket list is to sit down and talk to everyone. Find out what everyone wants to do, where they want to go, and things they need or want to complete for the season is over and then map it out.

Next, determine if everything is possible to complete. You don’t want to have “play in the snow” if you live 2,000 miles from anywhere that snows with zero intention of traveling there. We don’t get much snow in North Florida where we live but we don’t mind traveling out to the panhandle or up into Georgia if we hear that it will be snowing. It’s a fun trip and the kids get to see snow!

Finally, One of the challenges in the winter months, aside from the possible snow interference, is that it can be hard to find free or low cost activities to do as a family. With a large family, my goal is to find fun, low-cost to free activities for us all to do so we don’t have to spend a fortune keeping everyone entertained. So my list below will help to give you some ideas of inexpensive things you can do, so you can stay on budget and still have fun.

So with that, here’s our 2019 Winter Bucket list. Feel free to print out your own copy of The_Winter_bucket_list and join in on the fun and tag us on Instagram (@goldfishandgin) with your winter fun!

2019 Winter Bucket List

  1. Write a letter to Santa
  2. Make homemade hot chocolate
  3. Look at Christmas Lights
  4. Got to a local holiday festival
  5. Make cookies
  6. Build a gingerbread house
  7. Decorate the House with Christmas decor
  8. Decorate the Christmas tree
  9. Take a family photo
  10. Have a family game night
  11. Take treats to the fire station and police officers
  12. Donate old toys
  13. Listen to Christmas music
  14. Make pine cone bird feeders
  15. Hunt for the elf
  16. Build a snowman
  17. Play in the snow
  18. Make DIY ornaments
  19. Go ice skating
  20. Send out Christmas cards
  21. Read Christmas stories
  22. Do some random acts of kindness to bring joy
  23. Make DIY gifts for the grandparents
  24. Do a neighborhood scavenger hunt
  25. Decorate cookies


I hope you and your family have a fantastic winter filled with lots of fun, joy, and love. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button before you head out.

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Goldfish and Gin

I'm a perfectly imperfect large family mom with a love for family, fashion, beauty and supporter of breastfeeding and body positivity.

2 thoughts on “2019 Winter Bucket List for the Family

  1. […] A fun winter activity my kids love to do are scavenger hunts. They are a great way to get the kids to work together and it’s just a lot of fun seeing them all get so excited when they find one of the items on the list. So to expand the hunt outside of the house and make it a bit more exciting we have added doing neighborhood scavenger hunts as part of our winter bucket list. […]


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