5 gifts for the Man who has everything


As we discussed in my gift guide for women (you can check that out here) buying gifts for women isn’t all that hard. You know what is hard? Buying a gift for a man. You don’t want to buy something boring or that lacks imagination but if you’re anything like me, you managed to find yourself a guy that not only has everything but is also incredibly picky. It can make gift buying a billion times harder than what it needs to be when your guy doesn’t like the look of certain collars, or hates shirts with saying or logos or that has a passion for the one thing that cost a bazillion dollars to buy… music equipment. So I’m going to try and help you out a bit with finding the perfect gift for the man in your life.

I wish you luck!

Subscription box

There are more and more subscription boxes popping up every day that cater to men. I love subscription boxes as a Christmas gift because it’s the gift that keeps on giving. So if your man is really into beer, check out one of the beer of the month boxes. If he loves a good shave, check out some of the shaving boxes. Hell, they even have bacon of the month boxes that you can subscribe to. Some of these can get pretty pricey but they are a fun idea that will give him something new each month.

Shaving Kits

If your husband is anything like mine, he enjoys a nice shave and absolutely hates the razors that you get at target. So I’ve found some really awesome shaving things for my husband through the Art of Shaving. They have some AMAZING smelling aftershaves, balms, and lotions as well as skin care, beard care, razors, and fragrances. So you can find pretty much anything grooming wise that he may enjoy.


We all like to smell good but some of those colognes are out of their damn minds price wise. So I like to save buying nice colognes and fragrances for special occasions like birthdays or Christmas. This is when I don’t mind heading to a nice department store and spend hours trying to find the right scent. I splurge and try to find something that he will really enjoy.


Clothes may be difficult to buy but they normally are pretty appreciated. I like to find him things that he won’t normally buy himself like nice jackets, shoes, boots, or higher quality button ups for work.


Personalized accessories can be a great gift. Watches, leather bracelets, computer bags, phone cases. There are tons of options out there for pretty much every taste. I really love the leather bracelets with coordinates to some special location or date engraved on them.

I hope this helps make your shopping a little easier and that you’re able to find the perfect gift for the men in your life. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button for more gift ideas this holiday season.


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