12 Halloween Trick or Treating Safety tips

Happy Halloween!!! I don’t know about you, but I am monstrously excited that it is almost Halloween. We love Halloween around our house and can’t wait for the sun to go down so that we can head out and start trick or treating.

While trick or treating can be fun though, it can also be dangerous. Late nights, strangers, cars, lots of excited kids walking down the road…it can make fore some pretty dangerous conditions. So here are some ways to have fun and stay safe while you are our trick or treating this year.

1. Increase your child’s visibility as much as possible

We all love those dark and scary costumes but those can be really hard for drivers to see at night. So try to make your children as easy to see as possible. Reflective strips on capes, light up pumpkins, flashing pumpkin necklaces, glow sticks are all great ways to upgrade a costume and make it a lot easier to see.

2, Watch the accessories

Yes captain hook has a hook for a hand and pirates normally always have a sword. Fairies have huge glistening wings, and witches can only travel with the right broom. But watch out for those accessories. Not only will they eventually turn into something else you have to lug around but they could also potentially be dangerous. Kids swinging them around or throwing them could potentially hit someone or get thrown out in traffic. They could even become entangled in decorations or knock over things that could be dangerous. So just keep them close and make sure the kids know to not weaponize the toy weapons.

3. Day time is good too

Depending on the age of your kiddos or the area that you live in, you may want to consider taking the kids out while it’s still day light. This way the kids aren’t tired or cranky and it’s much easier for you and drivers to see them.

4. Keep the cell phones in the pockets

It’s a good idea to send a cellphone with your older kids that may be out trick to treating without you but make sure to tell them to keep the phones put away. It’s ok to take pictures and look up directions but you don’t want a cellphone to become a distraction. Make sure they know to look up and be aware of their surroundings.

5. Keep your head

Speaking of the kids keeping their heads up and being aware of their surroundings, make sure that you’re aware of what’s going on as well. It’s easy to become distracted talking to friends and neighbors, but make sure that you’re keeping an eye on any potential runners you may have. I know I’ve got a couple of kids that tend to run when they see something that intrigues them, and it’s always amazed me at how quickly they can move when they want to.

6. Pedestrian Rules apply even on Halloween

Make sure that your kids are aware of pedestrian laws around your area and that they are able to follow them. I know they are excited and can get distracted easily but you want to make sure they don’t wander out in front of on coming traffic or cross streets that could potentially be dangerous.

7. Avoid unwelcoming houses

Let your kids know that not all houses are participating in Halloween. If a house looks too dark, doesn’t have on any lights, or gives them a bad feeling… stay away. Also, parents, keep an eye out for sexual predator signs. Many places have started marking the houses of sexual predators and you can even look them up to see where these houses may be at in your neighborhoods so you and your children know to avoid these places.

*special note- sexual predators are not supposed to be participating in Halloween and should not have any decorations, haunted houses, or lights on inviting children or people up to the house. If you know a house belongs to a sexual predator and it looks like they have any of the above going on, don’t be afraid to contact police to let them know. They will shut that down very quickly*

8. Only accept treats at the door

Let kids know that they should not go into anyone’s house who you have not give the okay for first. They should stand at the door to accept their treats.

9. Stay away from pets you don’t know

Just like any other day, make sure your kids know to stay away from animals they do not know. Everyone loves a cute dog but not every cute dog loves strangers, especially ones dressed up as big scary monsters. Dogs may be a little more skittish around some of these costumes, especially ones that cover the face. So just let you kids know to ask permission before they run up to a neighbors dog or just look from afar so no accidents happen.


Drill this one into your kids heads… walk… do not run. We are all excited but accidents happen. If your kiddo is running they could end falling and hurting themselves or they could end up running into others and hurt someone else. They could even end up in serious trouble if they accidentally run in front of a car or tripping over some of the electrical cords being run to Halloween decorations. So stress the importance of taking their time and WALKING to the houses.

11. Wait to open the candy at home

Now I’ve never personally found anything suspect in candy I’ve gotten from trick or treating over the years but shit happens and you want to make sure that you and the kids are prepared. Especially if you’ve got kiddos with allergies. So stress to the kids the importance of waiting before they dig into their candy. Just let them know that you need to be in a well lit area so that you can make sure none of the candy is open or has holes in it and that it’s not something they are allergic to.

12. Look out for tripping hazzards

Again guys..m. it’s dark out, plus it can be hard to see in those costumes, so make sure you and the kids are keeping an eye for any tripping hazards such as pumpkins, extension cords, decorations, or hell even other little kids.

13. Parent Tax

This may not keep them safe, but hey… after you’ve paid for or made all of these costumes, walked for miles to collect and carry pounds of candy, and inspected it all.. you deserve to tax that mess.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween. I’d love to see some of the costumes so tag me on Instagram and make sure you’re following us so you can see all of the fun and spooky things we are doing.