Most overrated baby products

I was recently scrolling through my news feed on Facebook when I stumbled upon a thread in my mom group. There was a soon to be new mom asking what items she should have on her baby registry. There were some fantastic suggestions on there for her from the more experienced moms in the group, things like diapers, wipes, gift cards, baby clothes, topped the list. There were also some things listed that, as a five time mom, I can tell you are more of a waste of space than really needed.

I hate to be “that mom” who tells a new mom, who’s excited to play with a host of mom toys and gadgets, about being reasonable with baby accessories, but… I, unfortunately, have found the following items to be more of a waste of money and space in my house than were actually used.

The Swing

It’s been my finding that most of my kids, and a lot of the kids I know, just have not been fond of the good ol’ swing. I’ve tried everything from the cheap little Fisher Price swings to a $250 mamaroo and the second I put my kids in these contraptions they start screaming. I’ve had 2 out of my 5 that didn’t mind them and only one of them actually liked it. The other would just sit there and glare at me like she was trying to set my head on fire with her laser vision.


Like the swing, bouncers have been pretty useless around here. It’s not so much because my kids didn’t like them, it was more because they grew out of them too fast. There’s nothing more disturbing than to see your baby either trying to climb out of a bouncer while strapped in or trying to rock themselves so hard you’re worried they’ll smack their heads on the floor. Nope… not able to be used long enough to justify buying it.


Now before everyone loses their shit, yes a baby needs something to sleep in but if you can’t afford a big fancy crib don’t worry about it. Honestly I’ve found that a nice pack n’ play with an infant sleeper is way more useful than a crib. Plus you can pull the pack n’ play into whatever room you’re in or take it places with you so you’re always able to watch your baby or have a nice safe comfortable place for them to sleep.

Baby Food Makers

Personally I prefer to do more of the Baby Led Weaning method with my kids but even if you’re wanting to use or make baby food, you really don’t need one of those special baby nutrabullet things. Just use a normal food processor or better yet, just smash it up with a fork or spoon. No bulky machine to wash or take up more counter space.

Bottle Makers

Listen, I’ve had two formula fed babies so I know it can be a pain in the ass to wake up at three in the morning and have to measure out powdered formula and heat water and mix it all up. I get it. But those little bottle makers take just as much time as warming the water on your own. Plus it’s just one more thing to have to clean at the end of the day. Save your money and maybe just buy a bottle warmer or a nice little electric kettle to warm the water up for you. Then you can make enough water for the baby bottle and for you to have a nice cup of tea.

Wipe Warmers

I’ve been given these multiple times and honestly it just sits in the back of the baby’s closet to be for forgotten about until one of the other kids finds it and uses it as a doll bed. It’s much quicker just to have the portable bag of wipes that you can quickly take into any room or grab on the way out of the house. If the wipe really must be warm, just warm it up between your hands before cleaning the baby.

Diaper Genie

These things are just a complete waste of money. Not only are they expensive to refill but they are a pain in the butt. And trust me, you’ll end up having things thrown in there by your toddler that you don’t necessarily want to have to go fishing back out of a bag full of crap… literally. And on that note, you’re storing old used diapers in pail in the babies room,  it’s going to start to stink after a while. I had one and cleaned the entire unit on a regular basis and even added the baking soda pods to it… it still would end up smelling like baby poop. Just do yourself a favor and toss wet diapers in the normal garbage and run the poop ones out to the trash. Or you can go one step further and even use cloth diapers if you’re one of the more eco-conscious mamas.

8. Elaborate Baby bathtubs

There are so many different baby bathtub options out there. Everything from cute little flowers you stick in your sinks to ones that have water temperature monitors and fully working showers. Honestly you really don’t need all of the crazy features. The best baby bathtub I’ve found was in the sale cart at Aldi for $2. Sure I wasn’t going to have a fancy Instagram shoot with it but it cleaned the inevitable blow out of shit off of my baby just fine.

Changing tables

Yes, mama those changing tables aren’t necessary. They just give you one more surface to have to clean, more places to just randomly throw things, and normally I don’t even take my kids in the nursery to change them. I end up changing them right there on the sofa or bed or wherever we happen to be at. And let’s not forget, they actually can be pretty dangerous too if a care giver happens to turn away or isn’t paying attention the baby can roll right off. It happens pretty frequently. Save your money. and your heart.

Bumbo and other baby seats

These things really seem convenient but honestly the best thing you can do for yourself and for your baby is work with your baby and teach them to sit up on their own without relying on a supported seat to sit in. then you can place them safely in pack n’ plays or high chairs to play while you work or do things or let them play on the floor with their toys without fear of falling.

There you have it guys, some of the most overrated and over hyped baby products. Keep checking back for my list of “must haves” next and let me know, what is one of your least favorite baby items?

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