Summer Beach Essentials

Summer time means warmth, sun, and… BEACH. Living on the coast of Florida means we spend a large amount of time at the beach. I grew up spending my mornings before school at the beach and closing my evening at the beach after school. Weekends, we would spend the entire day at the beach. It wasn’t just a place to visit for us, it was a way of life.

Now, I don’t go to the beach as much now that I’m an adult with five kids, but I’m still at the beach a lot. We love spending the afternoons at the beach or the weekend soaking up all the vitamin sea we can get. So we are probably at the beach at least once or twice a week.

Going to the beach so frequently, I’ve found that there’s a lot of stuff that will make your trips much more enjoyable and a lot of things that you just don’t need. I’ve seen those people heading to the beach with 8 bags, boards, umbrellas, tents, refrigerator, stove, tiny house.

okay okay… those last ones may be an over exaggeration but you get the picture. People tend to bring way too much and that can make, what should be a nice relaxing trip to the beach, stressful and just not worth it. So I’ve got a list of just the most essential things you’ll need to bring you and the whole family to the beach. I’ll have it broken down into two sections, “Down to the sand” and “leave in the car”.  So let’s get started!

Down to the Sand-

In this section, I’ll have the essential things you’ll want to bring with you down to the actual beach with you.

  • beach bag
  • large beach blanket or towel ( may need more than one depending on number of people)
  • water
  • sunblock
  • beach chair
  • snack (we like cliff bars)
  • buckets and shovels
  • surfboard or boogie board
  • surfboard wax
  • A few buckets and digging tools for sand castle building
  • diaper if needed
  • swimsuit
  • sandals

That’s it. Keep it simple.

Leave in the Car-

This is the stuff that you’ll want to bring to the beach but leave in the car for after you’re done and ready to head home.

  • towels- I leave these in the car so they don’t get all sandy
  • change of clothes
  • baby powder- use this to dry up the sand on your arms and legs so that it can be easily brushed off.
  • extra water- we are always thirsty when we leave the beach
  • extra diapers and wipes


I hope you all have a fantastic summer and enjoy your beach trips. Make sure to tag me on Facebook and Instagram with your #gngsummerfun. I’d love to see how you’re spending your summer and what fun activities you’re doing! Don’t forget to join the G&G fam before heading out. Just hit that subscribe button over to the right!

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