Gondolas unveiled, Galaxy’s Edge, and more Disney News

This week we have a lot of Disney news to get caught up on. Disneyland is talking about their 4 hour Galaxy’s Edge enforcement. There’s new merchandise available in the parks and at Disney Springs. New Rides and gondolas uncovered, new Mother’s day treats, and more. So let’s take a minute and break this all down.

Time Limit’s will be enforced at Galaxy’s Edge

We finally have information on how Disneyland plans on enforcing that 4 hour time limit in the New Galaxy’s Edge area from May 31st to June 23rd. I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical on how they would be able to effectively handle this and how they would actually enforce the time limits but their system seems like it will be pretty effective.

According to Brady Mcdonald at the OC Registry:

Disneyland expects that four hours will be enough time for most visitors to explore Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge during the initial reservation-only period and that scoundrels who overstay their welcome will be dealt with by a squadron of stormtroopers.

Disneyland will issue colored wristbands to visitors during the reservation-only period for each of the four-hour windows. Newly-admitted Galaxy’s Edge visitors will mix in with those already in the land much like the Halloween events at Disneyland.

I love that they will be using Stormtroopers to enforce the time limits. This is a super creative and effective way of keeping the theme of the area as well as making sure people are being honest and doing what they are supposed to be doing. No “scoundrals” allowed in Disneyland. Although,this may backfire a bit, I may be willing to hang out past my allotted time frame just so I can be ushered out by a Stormtrooper. Ahhh…dreams.

Gondolas on Display

We finally have a good look at the new gondolas for the Skyliner at Disney World! I’m so excited to finally get a good look at these. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of them a this time, but I’ll update next week with pictures Once I’ve seen them in action Sunday. What I can tell you is the gondola themes.

The fab 5– of course we have gondolas themed after the fab five- these gondolas will feature Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisey, Goofey, and pluto, along with some of their friends. but there’s going to be way more than just them. You can expect to see:


The Princess and the Frog

Finding Nemo and FInding Dory

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Peter Pan


Wreck- It Ralph 2

Star Wars

Toy Story

Monsters, inc


Hundred Acre Woods

Gaurdians of the Galaxy

Haunted Mansion

Beauty and the Beast



Pirates of the Caribbean

I’m just happy to see that there will be so many gondolas running and that there are so many different themes. On top of unveiling the gondolas, they have also started adding some of the decorative siding as well as handrails and other features at the Skyliner station near Hollywood Studios. So, It appears that things are on track for the fall 2019 open. I can’t wait to ride these once they are open.

Mother’s Day- This is not a drill… I repeat… This is not a drill. Mother’s day is this weekend, and if you’re still looking for a great way to show your mom ( or the mother of your children) how much she means to you, why not take her down to Disney World. This weekend, Disney Springs is offering special treats, merchandise, dining experiences, and more in honor of mothers everywhere. I know I’ll be spending my Mother’s Day Celebrating with all of my Disney pals. I hope to see you there too.

Play Pavilion News– We’ve had a small update to the new Play Pavilion at Epcot. It appears that this project is projected to be finished  “just in time for Walt Disney Worl’s 50th anniversary”. No surprise there, seeing as Disney seems to be gearing up to make the 50th in 2021 something seriously special. My only hope is that they are able to actually complete it by then since we’ve had a bit of an issue with projects not being completed in time over the last few years. There’s still no word on the specific things that are going to be offered there, just a lot of speculation. My guess is that we won’t know more about the specifics of the things being offered in the Play Pavilion until 2020 or closer to time for it to actually open. There’s a ton of things that can change between now and the projected open date, so I won’t even begin to add to the rumors. Just know, we have a general time frame now for when it’s supposed to be opening.

Good and Wine Festival

We have more exciting news about the 2019 Food and Wine festival. The preliminary lineup has been released for the Eat to the Beat Concert Series. Acts include Plain White T’s, Everclear, and Post Modern Jukebox. You can read more about that here.

So there you have it guys, a quick roundup of some of the exciting news out of Disney from the past few days. What are you most excited about? Let me know in the comment section below! Also, Let me know if you’ll be at Disney this weekend as well. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!

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