April Favorites

It’s amazing how many new things you can discover in a month that you really love or enjoy. For me, April has been a pretty enjoyable month. I’ve gotten to do a lot of new things and I’ve gotten to enjoy a lot of things that I’ve like for a while. Overall April was pretty quiet on the home front. The kids were all sick the first two weeks of the month. Then we had blackout dates for the middle half of the month for Disney, so we ended up just staying in most of the month and enjoyed a bit of relaxation.

That being said, I did end up finding a lot of new things that I really enjoyed! I don’t know what happened but I felt like really branching out and trying new things. Maybe it was the five sick kids made feel like I needed a change? Who knows?

So without stalling any longer, here’s some of the things I really enjoyed for the month of April!

1. RawSugar-

I found an amazing body scrub at Target, all by accident. I happened to wander down the wrong aisle and saw this really pretty jar. Well I had to open it and smell it just because of how pretty it looked and it smelled delicious! It’s the Raw Sugar-raw coconut and mango body scrub. Now, I’m not sure if the ingredients are all that great because I honestly haven’t checked them but I absolutely love the smell. When you use it, it does feel course but the skin ends up feeling soft and moisturized. Plus it’s pretty inexpensive at $12.99. I highly recommend checking it out for yourself! They do have a body butter that goes along with it but I haven’t tried that yet!

2. False lashes-

Now I’ve always seen them and thought that false lashes were beautiful but I’ve never tried them. Honestly, I’ve always been scared that I was going to end up flying my eyes shut and never see again. Luckily that did not happen and I very quickly fell in love with them. My absolute favorite False Lashes have been the Eylure Vegas Nay collaboration in the Luxe Collection bronze beauty! They are big and wispy and so so soft!

3. Red lipstick-

I Love red lipstick but I’ve never had the guts to really try them. Until this month! So far my absolute favorite red lip has been the milani color statement lipstick number 07 best red. It’s absolutely gorgeous and has been the closest to a true red that I’ve found at the drugstore. You can’t beat the price either, at only $4.95 at Target, it’s very affordable.

3. Wet n wild Lip scrub-

I tried the new strawberry lip scrub from wet n wild and have to say, it’s actually really good. It tastes good and really helped to soften my lips a lot. Normally I have very dry lips that are prone to cracking but using this lip scrub has helped tremendously. Now I can throw on that red lipstick without worrying that my lips are going to look like they belong on a zombie from the walking dead

4. Safety Razors-

This isn’t something new but I wanted to share it with you just the same. I love using a mans safety razor to shave. It gives a nice smooth cut, I never get razor burn using them, and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Plus I could literally change the blades daily to shave and spend less money per month than I would buying regular women’s blades.

5. Curling my hair-

So this month we are going to Dapper Day at Disney on April 27. To get fully into character, I decided that I would also try out curling my hair. I haven’t done this since I was a little kid getting ready for dance recitals but I decided to grab a set of foam curlers from target and see what happens. Normally my experiences with curling my hair haven’t been awesome. The curls have always fallen out within just a few minutes leaving me disappointed. Things have changed though! I don’t know if it’s been aging or hormonal changes from having kids or what but I’ve been able to curl my hair and have it last for hours! I’ve been using the cheap $8 foam rollers from Target. I’m not even sure of the brand because I lost the little insert that it had.

So there you have it guys, a few of my favorite things from April! Did you discover any new favorite things in April? Let me know in the comment section below! Make sure that join the G&G fam, just click that subscribe button on the right! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well!

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