Bad guest behavior-dont do this

Disney World is the Most Magical Place on earth but not everything at the Disney comes off as magical. Especially when we’re talking about guest behavior at the parks. If you’ve visited even once, you’ve probably seen some pretty questionable behavior here and there.

Here’s some of the bad guest behavior we’ve seen while at the Disney.

  1. Line Jumping- this may not seem like a big deal to a lot of people but at Disney this can get kind of out of hand… fast. I’m not talking about the mom who joins up with dad who’s been hanging out in the line for an hour while she had to take kids to the bathroom or escape the line for a bit so the kids wouldn’t go crazy.  I personally think that’s ok. I’m talking about the people that either just jump in front of others in the line all together or the large groups of 10-20 people that have one person wait in line, then once they get to the front, the whole group jumps in line. That can really throw off the wait times for everyone else in the line. Just don’t do this.
  2. Large groups with matching shirts jumping into single rider lines- Kind of like the large groups of line jumpers, this just isn’t cool. If you’re obviously in a group together, you’re not a single rider. Go hang out in line like everyone else. You aren’t really saving yourself, or anyone for that matter, any time by trying to fit everyone into single rider spots.
  3. Stay out of my bubble- There seems to be a real issue with people not understanding personal space when you’re at the Disney, especially when you’re standing in lines. If I can feel you breathing on my back or accidentally bump into you every single time I move, you’re probably standing too close. You will not get to the front of the line any faster by standing up my ass, just back up a step or two and everyone will be more comfortable. Keep this in mind during those extremely hot Florida summers… being super close only makes everyone else hotter.
  4. Being rude to Cast Members- Okay guys, this is really terrible. Cast Members are people just like you and me. They are there to make your trips fun and memorable. This does not give you the right to be snarky, mean, or rude to them. If something isn’t going right or something happens, try to keep in mind that the Cast Members will do everything in their power to make it right, as long as you are being a decent human. Now I know it gets hot at the parks. The days are long. You’re tired and so is the family. Just don’t take out your frustrations on the people that are there simply trying to do their jobs. Also, keep in mind that old phrase, “you can catch more flies with honey”. It really is true. If you’re calm and kind with them, you’ll probably come out of the situation way better off.
  5. Personal Hygiene issues- So this is a touchy one but it’s really important… personal hygiene! Now I know that not everyone has the same hygiene beliefs but when you’re in the middle of a theme park, especially in Florida, you’re going to get sweaty and most likely start to smell bad at some point. Please… Please… PLEASE!!! take showers and wear deodorant. No one wants to be overwhelmed by B.O. when you walk by.
  6. Sudden Stopping- Guys, we know everyone is sightseeing and that we all are looking at maps and wait times and dealing with kids and family and everything else that goes along with being at Disney but can we all just agree to not stop in the walkways.  It really is a huge problem when people just suddenly stop in the middle of a walking area… not only is it an inconvenience to everyone around you, it also poses a safety hazard when you have strollers, scooters, and people that have to suddenly try to avoid you. If you want to stop and look at something or check a map or the MDE (My Disney Experience) app, just pull over to the side of the walkway for a second.
  7. Littering- I know everyone has things to throw away at some point while you’re at Disney, don’t throw it away on the ground though. Littering is disgusting and just makes the areas look bad… no one wants Disney to be nasty. Take two seconds and toss your trash in one of the many conveniently located trashcans around you. You’ll help keep the parks looking magical and will keep the cast members from having to clean up behind you.
  8. Urinating in the bushes or rides- I get it, on occasion you may be stuck in a long line waiting on a ride and suddenly the urge to pee hits you or your kids, please don’t relieve this urge on the sidewalks, bushes, or rides though. PLEASE!!!! We understand little ones having accidents but adults…That’s just nasty and unsanitary. If you’re in a line, you can always let one of the cast members know and they will normally let you back in or throw you a Fastpass so you don’t have to get back in the regular line and wait again.
  9. Complaining-  Disney can be a hard trip. It’s hot, crowded, and costs a lot of money but don’t let that set the mood for your trip. One of the thing’s I’ve seen a lot of, and just cannot understand, are the complainers. The ones who look grumpy (not rbf but grumpy) or complain about everything in the parks. You’re supposed to be having fun, try to find something there to enjoy, even if it’s just the alcohol found in Epcot and Hollywood Studios and enjoy your time.
  10. People and their phones- Kind of like the people in number 6, the people attached to their phones seems to be very widespread. Now with having the My Disney Experience with all of your fastpass and reservation information along with wait times on your phone, I know you have to check your phones periodically. There are also games in park like Pokeomon Go and Disney Play which attract ones attention on a regular basis. But don’t be a Phonembie (phone zombie) in the parks.. Look up and enjoy the scenery. There’s so much to see and take in and it’s way more fun that an app. Plus when your sucked into your phone, you tend to just randomly stop or walk into people… not cool.
  11. Slow walkers- You don’t have to be in a hurry or running but please walk. The slow walking can cause people to run into others, cause walking traffic to build up, and it just all around inconveniences people.
  12. Running over people- There are a lot of people in Disney Parks. A lot of those people are either kids walking and in strollers or disabled people on scooters or in wheelchairs. Please be mindful of this and watch what you’re doing. Don’t run over or trip over other people.
  13. Overly Aggressive stroller parents and scooters- Just like normal walkers running over the kids and disabled people, Parents with strollers and people riding on scooters, Please watch what you’re doing and don’t mow over people in the crowds. If you do accidentally hit someone, say your sorry.
  14. Smoking in nonsmoking areas- This hopefully won’t be a problem much longer since Disney has become a smoke free area now, but people, if you’re going to smoke, please do it in the designated areas. No one wants to see discarded cigarette butts or smell smoke while walking through the parks. It’s nasty (yeah I said it) and it messes up the magic of it all. Plus, it really can affect people suffering from asthma and other conditions. Again, just be courteous of the people around you.
  15. Loud music or shows in common areas- We get it, you are relaxing when you’re in the restaurants or on the buses and monorails. Some people use music to help calm themselves or to focus after having been assaulted all day with stimuli. But please use headphones. Not everyone enjoys the same TV shows or music.
  16. people (without disabilities) not willing giving up seats for pregnant women, elderly, children, or people toting small sleeping children- This one can be a little controversial but it’s a common courtesy for men (and women) to stand if they see an elderly person, young child, disabled person, pregnant woman, or a person carrying a young child or baby boarding a bus or monorail. Yes there are people with invisible illness, we get it, but if you are not one of those people and see someone who could benefit from sitting, please give up your seat.  Again, it’s just being courteous to others around you.
  17. People jumping in front of you to watch the fireworks or parades- Many of us take the time to plot out the areas we want to be in to watch the fireworks or the parades, please don’t jump in front of us. If you want a good spot for the fireworks or to see the parade, do like we did and find a spot and sit there for three hours.
  18. blocking the fastpass or standby entrances- We know you have questions, all of us have questions for the CM’s at the front of the lines or need to measure a kid. Or maybe you just need to stop to check you MDE app or talk to the people in your party. Just don’t block the entrances to the ride while you do it. Move over to the side or only take the kid and one adult to ask questions or to measure them.
  19. bringing sick kids (or a sick you) to the park- You paid thousands of dollars to go to Disney and suddenly you or your kid falls sick. We get that it can’t be avoided sometimes. Instead of bringing the sickness to all of the people around you in the parks though, either reschedule your trip or hang out in your hotel room and watch Disney movies until you’re feeling better. It may not be the best way to spend your trip but it’ll be better than having to deal with being in a crowded hot place while sick and will prevent you from spreading it to others. Also, Contact the front desk at your hotel, they may have suggestions on things you can do to help you or your kids feel better.
  20. the entitlement (all about me or my vacation) mentality- Again, we all know you spent a lot of money on this trip to Disney. Know what? So did every other person at the parks today. You are not the only person at the parks and you are not the most important person at the parks. Everyone is there to have fun. Slow down, take your time, and enjoy the sites and sounds around you. You’ll have more fun and the people around you wont think you’re such an ass.

So to sum this up, just don’t be an asshole and if you see someone that is being an asshole, don’t be afraid to call them out on it. We are all there to have a good time and the CMs are there to help us. Be mindful of the people and things going on around you and everyone is sure to have a good time.

Let me know in the comment section below, what is some of the most irritating guest behavior you’ve witnessed?

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