Big changes are coming to Disney World Parks

As many people know, there are a lot of new things coming to Disney Parks over the next few months. I think there’s been rumors of this little thing called Star Wars that’ll have a few rides in Hollywood Studios, but I don’t think it’ll be that big of a deal…Read with sarcasm cause we all know that’s going to be insane. Then there’s Tron and Mickey’s Runaway Railway. The next few months are going to be really exciting.

Well, on top of new exciting rides, there’s a lot of rules being changed as of May 1st. So it’s important to take note of these changes and plan your trips accordingly.

The first big change is with strollers. Disney is trying to crackdown on the size of strollers permitted into the parks. Your strollers width must be 31″ or smaller (currently they permit up to 36″ for width) and cannot be longer than 52″. If your stroller is bigger than this (this mainly will be a problem with double and triple strollers) you may want to look into renting a stroller for your trip or buying a new one that fits the proper size requirements. You don’t want to get to the parks and be turned away for having a stroller that is too large or have to put out extra money to rent one of the hard plastic Disney strollers when you get there if you didn’t plan on it.

The next big thing… NO MORE WAGONS! This includes stroller wagons now. Yup, sorry but those Keenz wagons will no longer be permitted into parks. Again, if this is the type of stroller you planned on bringing with you, you may want to look into renting or buying a new one.

Now this next one may seem a little silly but, NO MORE DRY ICE or LOOSE ICE. Sorry Elsa but no more making ice all willy-nilly anymore for you. If you’re bringing in a cooler or lunch packs you’ll need to use ice packs or freeze some foods to help keep other food cool. If you have medications that need to be kept cool or cold, contact guest services at the parks you will be at and see if they have a way to accommodate these for you.

The final new rule, and this is a big one… NO MORE SMOKING. Disney has stated on their rules page that Disney World Parks will be “smoke free” . This includes all Disney World Parks, Disney Springs, all water parks, and ESPN Wide World of Sports locations. The current designated smoking areas will no longer be in the parks and you will need to plan to go out of the parks in order to smoke. This includes Vape devices as well. It’s not been made clear yet where the smoking areas outside of the parks and Disney Springs will be at but I’m sure that information will be coming soon.

So guys, if you’re planning on making a trip to Disney on or after May 1,2019 be mindful of the new changes and plan accordingly so you and your family can still have a magical time at The Most Magical Place on Earth. For more information on rules and changes you can click here!