2019 Goals

As I discussed yesterday in “I Write Goals Not Resolutions “, I’m not much of a resolutions girl… I prefer setting a series of goals for myself to accomplish throughout the year. Now, they may not all be things to get started on January 1, and that’s ok. Sometimes there goals that I want to accomplish that will take more time and planning before I can get them started. For these goals, I have a date set that I want to get started by.

With that being said, I do have a few goals for 2019 that I’d like to share with you.

Goal number one- drop the weight

yeah, yeah, yeah… I know that this is everyone’s goal every year but I’m working on a plan to really drop the weight and make it stick. I don’t expect perfect but I am rewarding myself for effort. I’m starting this year at a staggering 222 pounds. My ultimate goal is to reach 130 pounds of muscle. I’ve broken this down into 5 pound increments so that I’m not so overwhelmed. I’ve got a lot of weight to lose, 92 pounds worth, that’s going to be hard work and not easy at all. I’m going to push myself though and try to lose as much as I can. I’d love be at 185 by my birthday in October.

Goal number two- You gotta read girl!

My goal is to start and finish one book a month. Now I know that this doesn’t sound like a lot but I have not sat down and read a book, cover to cover, in a very very long time. I love reading and I miss it. I’ve just been extremely busy and forget to take time to do things for myself that I enjoy.

Goal number three-Do something new

I’ve been stuck in a rut the last few years of just doing the same thing over, and over, and over again. So I want to change that by trying new things. Each month, I want to go out and try something new. So say one month I’m going to do a cooking class and another month I’m going to to pottery or painting or wood working. Just trying to make myself get out and do something new and maybe find a new passion.

Goal number four- School

little secret about me, I never finished college. I was going to school when I got pregnant with my oldest and ended up just quitting. I want to get things planned out and set up so that I can go back to school and get my nursing degree. I love patient care and miss it. So I want to go back to school and finish out my degree. This way, once the kids are all grown and either in college or doing their own thing, I have something that I enjoy that I can do. It may take me that long to finish my degree anyways.

Goal number 5-More quality time

Having 5 kids can kind of put a damper on the old love life. My husband and I made the mistake of putting ourselves on the back burner, so this year is going to be all about quality time. Whether that’s quality time alone or together… we are going to be working hard to take time to take care of ourselves and our relationship. So this means things like monthly date nights or taking time to take a nice hot bath.

Goal number 6- work harder

I did a lot of work last year and tried a lot of new things but this year I really want to focus on refining what I’ve been doing and growing both my blog and my youtube channel. Again, this is not something I expect to happen over night but I have a lot of things planned out for the year and I am going to work hard to get this to really take off.

So there you have it, some of my 2019 goals. I’d love to hear what some of your goals are, so tag me on twitter and instagram (@goldfishandgin) so I can tag along during your goal journey this year too.